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 CleanWash Dishwasher Chemical Installation

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CleanWash Dishwasher installs are designed to keep your chemicals up off the floor and easy to change. We provide a solid dishwasher detergent system with 5L Rinse aid. We install 5L brackets on the wall in an easy to access area. CleanWash Rinse aid and solid detergent are highly concentrated so that they last, in turn keeping your chemical costs and handling to a minimum.

We use new state of the art probeless dispensors that are programmed to release the right amount of chemical at the right time.

Going probeless reduces the risk of the dispensors over feeding detergent into your dishwasher, if the probes get dirty or scaled up.

CleanWash Dishwasher detergents are are designed to reduce the amount of scale build up in your dishwasher.


commercial-kitchen-dishwasher-solid-dispensor CleanWash Products | Tips and Info
Solid Dishwashing Detergent
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Commercial Dishwasher Rinse Aid
commercial-kitchen-dishwasher-chemical-dispensor CleanWash Products | Tips and Info
Commercial Dishwasher Dispensor