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CleanWash Keeping Your Cleaning Chemical Costs To A Minimum

We can offer advice on the correct chemical to use, how to use it efficiently and the correct proportion of cleaning chemicals needed. We also can provide dosing equipment, specialised tamper proof packaging and training to reduce the risk of overuse or waste.

5 Ways CleanWash can reduce your detergent costs


1. Regular Service Visits

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It's a fact that without a regular visit from a trained chemical professional, your cleaning chemical usage and costs will start to blow out.

When a CleanWash Technician / Sales person visits your site they do a full audit of your chemical usage and service all CleanWash dispensing equipment to ensure they are working efficiently. They also check your own equipment and advise if any servicing is required on for example your glass washer, or Laundry equipment. See CleanWash Servicing for more info.


2. Concentrated Commercial Cleaning Products

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CleanWash provide concentated products linked to state of the art dispensing equipment. So just a drop goes a long way.  See CleanWash Chemical Dispensors for more information.





3. Specialty Cleaning Chemicals

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CleanWash products are actively formulated by talented chemists. This allows us to create formula variations to meet the specific needs of our customers and inturn reduces waste because the detergent does exactly what it is meant to and fast, reducing chemical and labour costs for you. See Specialty Cleaning Chemicals for more info about some of our newly developed cleaning chemicals for use for cleaning in  kitchens, laundry's, contract cleaning and industrial areas.



4. Buy Direct From The Chemical Manufacturer

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CleanWash products cut out the middle man to be able to offer higher levels of service and a lower cost to you. Many chemical manufacturers sell through distributers who will sell you anything from straws, to toilet paper to plates and cutlery. They have no specific understanding of any of the chemical products they sell or the correct use. We feel it is important to keep chemicals seperate as these can vary significantly and often need specific safety training.



5. Staff Training

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CleanWash provide a comprehensive training program for staff. Our technicians are available on call to train new staff members as they are recruited. We can not only train in the correct use and safe handling of chemicals.

But also the correct use of equipment and cleaning techniques. Correct usage by staff reduces waste and speeds up the cleaning process which will save you money on chemical costs and labour. See CleanWash training for more info.

Need Kitchenhands Trained? Contact CleanWash.


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